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United Kingdom

Company Profile:
PharmaLinks is the technology transfer initiative of the University of Strathclyde that provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with access to drug discovery opportunities, top level research expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.

PharmaLinks provides access to early-stage leads for new drugs in:

cardiovascular disease
Alzheimers disease
sleep disorders

PharmaLinks also arranges flexible contract research or collaborative research programmes covering:

enabling technologies (includes novel animal models of disease)
exploratory research on physiological and pathological processes
therapeutic targets
drug discovery (including synthetic, medicinal, and computational chemistry, a virtual screening service, an extensive natural products library available for screening, and formulation and drug delivery expertise)
pre-clinical development (pharmaceutical and biomolecular analysis, solid-state analysis)

Drug-eluting stent to limit Restenosis of high-risk and diabetic patients

What we offer:
Stent implantation is a highly effective treatment for restoring blood flow through an atherosclerotic artery. However, restenosis (i.e., re-narrowing of the diseased artery) occurs in a significant proportion of patients, which requires renewed surgery, and in some cases by-pass surgery (a major surgical
procedure to insert a new artery), which is associated with much higher risks. Drug-eluting stents have been developed to limit restenosis by applying a medication, on the surface of the stent itself, to inhibit cell proliferation.

Although drug-eluting stents are a major advance, they have limited effectiveness in diabetic patients. In addition, the drugs that are used at present inhibit the re-growth of the endothelium (which is required to protect the artery). Indeed, there have been cases where the artery has completely occluded due to a blood clot many months after stent insertion. Thus, there is a need for an improved drug-eluting stent that will be suitable for diabetic patients, will not harm the endothelium, and will protect against blood clotting.

Researchers at this organisation have found that restenosis can be prevented by a novel, proprietary compound with no adverse effects on the endothelium. This novel small molecule, exerts a marked protection against the development of restenosis when applied as a drug-eluting stent or given as a short-term local infusion

What are we looking for:
Partners are sought from the Pharmaceutical or
medical device (specialised cardiovascular) markets for collaboration.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence
  • Commercial Agreement


Debbie Stack

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