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Sistemic Ltd

Thomson Building, Gilmorehill
ZIP Code
G12 8QQ
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Sistemic is a privately held Biotechnology company head-quartered in Scotland with a core focus on microRNA profiling and the biological interpretation of these profiles allowing a much greater understanding of the biology and/or therapeutic landscape. Sistemic's primary business is focussed on providing innovative problem-solving services and kit-based products to the life science R&D and bioprocessing markets.


Enabling platform SistemRNA™; A complete microRNA profiling and customised data analysis service

What we offer:
SistemRNA™ analysis, captures the dynamice response of all the cellular pathways as well as their interactions, giving enhanced clarity without data overload. Used to elucidate previously unknown MoA, expedite lead selection, sensitively measure time/conc effects and identity On/Off target effects.

SistemQC™, monitors the maintenance of cell lines, including stem cells, across passages or the staging of stem cell directed differentiation.

SistemKB™ accurately positions chemical compounds within key therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Inflammation, metabolic disorders, CVD, HDACi, Statins and Toxicological effects.

SistemBM™ exploits the analytical robustness of microRNA to select discriminatory biomarkers to guide patient prognosis, treatment selection and drug response monitoring.

What are we looking for:
Our preferred partners are pharma, biotech and bioprocessing companies wishing to evaluate our discovery engine and/or draw on our expertise and capabilities.

Sistemic expects that any evaluations will develop into longer-term high-value partnerships.

We also welcome approaches from academic groups interested in working with us to access our technology or to develop aspects of the underlying science.

Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Verna McErlane

Director Commercial Operations
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