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Roslin Cellab

Roslin BioCentre
ZIP Code
EH25 9PP
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Roslin Cellab is located within the Roslin BioCentre in Roslin just south of Edinburgh. We are a stem cell technology company with dedicated clean room facilities and scientists expert in stem cell manipulation. We work with a wide variety of clients ranging from academicscientists and engineers through small biotech companies right up to larger international corporations. Most of our clients want to test their products and processes in our pluripotent stem cell culture systems. Our link to Roslin Cells, which is a specialist GMP stem cell generation and cryobanking company enables us to offer a range of services that few competitors an match. In addition to these CRO services, we are also involved in co-development projects where Roslin Cellab collaborates with groups that have obtained grant funding.
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Providing the opportunity to explore and exploit stem cell biology.

What we offer:
Roslin Cellab offers stem cell research services and co-development opportunities. Our scientists are very experienced at manipulating human stem cells and determining their pluripotent status in response to experimental agents and conditions. Most of our clients are interested in testing / validating their novel biologics and scientific/medical devices using our specialist culture systems.
We also offer opportunites for co-development of new technologies that will benefit the stem cell sector. One big focus at the moment in the up-scaling of stem cell culture systems in preparation for clinical trials.
Being a small company, Roslin Cellab is able to be quite flexible and responsive to enable clients to initiate project work without delay.

What are we looking for:
Roslin Cellab is interested in talking to potential clients who are developing products for the stem cell sector. We are also interested in collaborating with research consortia tackling some of the big challenges in stem cell commercialisation, such as large scale hES cell culture processes and specific hESC-based differentiation projects (eg. liver cells, blood cells).

Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


Jason King

Business Development Manager
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