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Partner Brokerage Event - what is it?

Speed Networking within a Partner Brokerage Event is an ideal way to source both technology and commercial partners.  In pre-arranged meetings, you will have the opportunity to meet and screen potential partners.

How does it work?

  • First of all, register for the Brokerage Event on this site

  • Enterprise Europe Network can help you prepare a profile, which will be submitted into an online catalogue

  • You will then be able to review the pan-European catalogue of profiles and request meeting with companies whose profile are of interest and have the potential of providing a business opportunity for your organisation

  • Meetings will be requested by both sides, ensuring high quality meetings with companies that are interested in exploring the possibility of working with you.

  • You'll receive your meeting schedule prior to departure to ensure you have time to review and prepare for your meetings.

  • The Brokerage Event will take place in the Caledonian Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh 9.30am - 4pm

Who am I likely to meet?

Last year's inaugural event attracted companies from across Europea and beyond.  Participants included several major pharmaceutical companies and an impressive cross-section of Scottish Life Science sector.

To find out more about who is already registered to this year's event, click on the "Company List" tab above.  To see the catalogue of profiles to date, click on the tab entitled "Catalogue of product profiles".  Don't forget, this list will continue to be added to on a daily basis in the run up to the deadline for registration on 22nd January 2011, so keep checking!

How to register?

Click on REGISTER NOW or click on the "Registration" tab at the top of this page.

Fill in a short profile, in English, describing your company and the products or services you are offering or requesting. For each product or service, submit a seperate profile.

How do I request meetings? 

Select from the "list of participants" any companies you wish to meet.  Easy and convenient search facilities will help you identify relevant profiles for your activity.

The requested partner will recieve a notification of your interest.  When they confirm their interest in meeting you, the meeting will be scheduled on your behalf.

In your personal log-in area, you will find an overview of requested, pending and confirmed meetings.

For further information on any aspect of this process, please contact your local Enterprise Europe Network representative, or Lorna Maclean,


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